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To be the platform in its limitation to strive to make meet and realize the objectives of HRDM�s agencies with the objectives of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, the parent institute and the college in periodical and phased manner.


� To encourage and prepare the fellow faculty for periodic assessment and accreditation of the college by internal and external agencies.

� To encourage and help the fellow faculty for using modern teaching aids and ICT tools in their TLP and research mind set.

� To create suitable ambience among the fellow faculty and students through dialogical manner for healthy practices and student-centric activities

� To help fellow faculty for changing mind sets towards self-evaluation, developing sense of belongingness and accountability and innovations in their being teachers and a part of the college.

� To establish dialogue mechanism and innovate structure for execution of all the IQAC policies and activities.

� To establish collaborations/ agreements with the stakeholders for qualitative improvement of the college.


1.Notice about Invitation Letter on 22 September,2020

2.Notice about "Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil jayanti on 22 September,2020 at 9.30 A.M.Online Function

3.Notice of Induction Program for B.Sc/B.A/B.Com/BCA -I

4.Hindi Divas Staff Notice on 14 Sept 2020

5.Hindi Divas Samaroh Notice

6.Hindi Divas Samaroh on 14 Sept 2020 at 10.45 A.M

7.Vittiya Saksharta & Grahak Jagrukta Notice Staff on 15th Sept 2020

8.Notice on Celebration of Teachers Day on 5th Sept,2020

9.One Day National e-Conference on “ Emerging trends in Physical Sciences” Organized by Department of Physics in Collaboration with IQAC.

10.Geography E-Conference on Geographic Environment During COVID-19 Lockdown Period on 15-07-2020 at 10.30 A.M

11.National e-Conference on "Scope of Life Sciences in Disease Management"(SLDM-2020) on 11-07-2020 at 11.30 a.m organized by Zoology & Botany Department in collaboration with IQAC

12.Online Yoga Demonstration organized by ASC College Ramanandnagar on 21-6-2020 at 7.00amto 8.30am

13.All the faculty members & students are here by inform that National Level Online Workshop on "Handling Online Classes & Co-Creating MOOCS"is organize by Department by BCA, ICT Committee in collaboration with IQAC of our college on 28 May 2020,all the faculty members & students should register for the same & avail the benefits.

14.Registration form for the National Online Workshop on 'Handling Online Classes and Co Creating MOOCs

15.Organized National Online Workshop on 'Handling Online Classes and Co Creating MOOCs on Thursday 28 May 2020 at 11.00 am.

16.Online Test Series in Chemistry -1.Stereochemistry

17.Dear all General Science Quiz-2020 is Conducted for the Encouragement of Knowledge of Students/Teacher in General Science during Lockdown Period. Organized by- Department of Chemistry and in association with the Internal Quality Assurance cell ( IQAC), of Arts Science & Commerce College, Ramanandnagar( Burli),Tal-Palus,Dist-Sangli solve the quiz on the clicking link below

18.पारंपरिक दिवस

19.जागतिक महिला दिन

20.मराठी राजभाषा दिन

21."Celebration of World Wetlands Day"

22.On the occasion of Physics Day the Department of Physics and IQAC organizes one day workshop on 07/02/2020 at 11.00am

23.Village Survey Organized by Department of Geography on 05/02/2020 at 8.30 am


1.One Day Induction Programme for F.Y.B.Sc,F.Y.C.Com and F.Y.B.A."Organized by Department of Library with IQAC ON Thursday 17th September,2020

2.NSS "Webinar on Consumerism & Financial Literacy IN COVID TIMES Pandemic"on 15 September,2020

3.Teachers Day Celebration Activity 5 Sept, 2020

4.Tree Planation by NSS Activity on 15 Aug,2020

5.National Sports Day on 29th Aug 2020

6.Webinar on "EDUCATION POLICY OF RAJASHRI CHHATRAPATI SHAHU MAHARAJ" Organized by Department of History on 23rd July,2020

7.One Day National E-Conference ON "Emerging Trends by Department of Physics In Collaboration with IQAC in 22th July,2020.

8.Webinar on Yoga "International Yoga Day"on 21th 2020

9.One Day National E-Conference ON "GEOGRAPHIC ENVIRONMENT DURING COVID-19 LOCKDOWN PERIOD" Organized by Department of Geography on 15th July,2020

10.National E-Conference ON "SCOPE OF LIFE SCIENCES IN DISEASE MANAGEMENT"Organized by Department of Zoology & Botany In Collaboration with IQAC IN 11th July,2020.

11.One Day National E-Conference ON "Recent Trends in Chemistry Organize by Department of Chemistry In collaboration with IQAC in 27th June 2020

12.National Workshop on "Handling Online Classes & Co-Creating Moocs"Organized by Department of BCA & ICT Committee In Collaboration with IQAC in 28th May,2020

13.कर्मवीर भाऊराव पाटील पुण्यतिथी

14.अग्रणी कार्यशाळा सहभाग

15.अर्थशास्त्र क्षेत्रभेट

16.द्वितीय पदवी प्रदान समारंभ

17.जोडीदाराची विवेकी निवड

18.मराठी भाषा दिन

19.Report of World Wetlands Day 2020 Celebration

20.Study Tour Report of Mathematics Department.

21.Report of Annual Prize Distribution Function

22.Annual Sports Competition Report

23.Report of one day workshop under Lead College.

24.A Report of National Conference on Conservation and Biodiversity Banking

25.Report on Sarvavyapi Ambedkar organized by Dept of Economics

26.National Seminar on "Dynamics of Indian Economy" organized by Dept of Economics , Dept of Commerce & IQAC.

27.Geography Day