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To be the platform in its limitation to motivate the students and work in coordination with fellow faculty members to realize the objectives of MHRD agencies with the objectives of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Satara, the parent institute and the college in periodical and phased manner.


To help fellow faculty for changing mind set towards self-evaluation, developing sense of belongingness, accountability and innovations in their being teachers and a part of the college.


- To create suitable ambience among the fellow faculty and students through dialogical manner for the student-centric activities and execution of all the IQAC policies

- To encourage and help the fellow faculty for using advanced teaching aids and ICT tools in their TLP and research endeavour

- To motivate fellow staff for introduction and institutionalization of the value-added/ skill development courses and development of students’ employability

- To motivate fellow staff for introduction and institutionalization of the short duration skill development courses and the best practices.

- To initiate MoUs, collaborations/ agreements with the external agencies and local stakeholders for qualitative improvement of the college

- To suggest the management of the college to undertake adequate infrastructural development, qualitative improvement of library and support staff as per the changing scenario of higher education

To motivate stakeholders for development of social and environmental consciousness

To encourage and prepare the fellow faculty for periodic assessment and accreditation of the college by internal and external agencies


- Credibility among the hearts and souls of the stakeholders

- Sound reputation of the management and its tremendous trust in society

- Earned trust of GOs, NGOs and social bodies

- Social commitment through extension activities and outreach programmes

- Think Globally, Act Locally policy

- Readiness for positive change

- Qualified and experienced staff


- Placement rate is to be enriched in Arts faculty particularly

- Alumni share needs to be enhanced

- Government does not provide non-salary grants

- Ban on non-teaching staff recruitment

- Limited number of university course choices for students


- Affiliated to a university status provides scope for introducing professional courses

- Rural background provides opportunity to introduce PG programmes

- To sustain as ‘Top College’ in the region

- To apply for College with Potentials for Excellence status

- To be assessed by external agencies like NAAC and ISO


- Competition of other institutions

- Distance education mode

- Outburst of the professional colleges and students’ changing trend

- Local migration of students

Effectiveness of various bodies View