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Rayat Shikshan Sansthas

Arts, Science and Commerce College, Ramanandnagar (Burli)

आर्टस् , सायन्स अँड कॉमर्स कॉलेज रामानंदनगर, (बुर्ली )

NAAC Reaccredited A (With CGPA 3.02) (Affiliated to Shivaji University Kolhapur)

About College

This college came in existence in 1968 as an outcome of visionary educational mission of Padmabhushan Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil alias Anna. His life was the saga of unprecedented struggle for social reformation. His philosophy was nurtured on the teachings of Chh. Shivaji Maharaj, the seventeenth century reformative king through Mahatma Jotiba Phule, Rajarshi Chh. Shahu Maharaj, Maharshi Vitthal Ramaji Shinde,Sant Gadage Baba and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Karmveer came in Ramanandnagar in 1913 as a marketing agent, selling ploughshare of Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Kirloskarwadi. He worked in this position till 1916. During this period Karmveer and Founder of the Kirloskar Industry Shri. Laxmanrao Kirloskar came close through sharing of the progressive views of each other. Truly spirited soul with such a thought Karmveer could not indulge in the job. He resigned and dedicated his heart and soul for the education of rural masses. As he spent early years of his career in Kirloskarwadi he had deep concern in education of factory workers and farmers in this area. He came back here in 1948 to establish a secondary school unit. Thus Rayat sowed its seeds in this soil.

Swami Ramanandbharati, Sundergiriji Maharaj, Shri. Shantanurao Kirloskar, Nemu Bhagwant Khot alias Tatya, Devappa Chaugule, Shri. P. D. Gune, Baburao Ravaji Nalawade, Kurhade Kaka and Shri. D. L. Jadhav came in contact with Karmveer and influenced by his mission deeply. By this time Karmveers educational movement was flourished and he developed idea of establishing 'Gramin Vidyapeeth' i. e. centers of higher education in villages. In Ramanandnagar ( Kirloskarwadi ) his followers extended their helping hands in this mission : through their joint efforts and the initiation taken by the then Head Master of Swami Ramanand Vidyalaya, Ramanandnagar ( Burli ) and Life Member of the parent institute Shri. B.B.Khot, this rural educational hub of the college established in 1968 in the premises of the Vidyalaya itself.

About Sanstha

A Mother institute of this college is Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, known and honoured far and wide, not only at the national level, but at the global level too, needs no introduction. The institution itself is regarded as a noble mission, a noble cause, so earnestly and so endearingly pursued by its founder- father Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, the educator of the educators and his legendary wife Sou. Laxmibai Patil with her exemplary sacrifices made to turn the mission into a reality.

The Rayat Shikshan Sanstha is one of the leading educational institutions in Asia. The value of its contribution to education in general is enormously great as it has, from the very beginning, tried all its best to lay emphasis on the education of the down-trodden, the poor and the ignorant who really form the major bulk of society. The founder of the institution, late Dr. Karamaveer Bhaurao Patil, was a man of the masses who devoted all his mind and heart to the cause of their education. He had an incisive understanding of the social ills that beset his times and fully realized the dire need of the spread of education. He believed that education alone could correct the social ills such as caste-hierarchy, money-lending, illiteracy, untouchability, superstitions and social and economic inequality. Throughout his life he tried to translate this belief into reality. He was the champion of the poor, the weak, the dispossessed and left no stone unturned for their upliftment. He was a great humanitarian who endeavored hard to educate the masses to bring a kindly light of hope in their lives of misery and ignorance. He realised that the social ills could be remedied through the education of the masses alone and laid the foundation of the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha by opening a Boarding House at Kale (Tal-Karad, Dist-Satara) in 1919. Soon, however, in 1924 he shifted the head-quarters of his educational institution to Satara.

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