Department of economics

    Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation Profile
    Dr. Smt. Patil P.B. M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D Associate Professor &Head View
    Mr.S.R.Kundle M.A. SET Assistant Professor (CHB) View
    Dr. R.P. Dhavan ( Superannuation on 31/05/2023) M.A.Ph. D Professor View
    Dr.A.S.Kamble (From -2017to30/06/2022 M.A. M.Phil. Ph.D .SET Assistant Professor (CHB) View
    Dr. (Smt.) V. D. Patil (From 29/01/2021 to 31/12/2021) M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor View
    Mr. S. A. Bhandare (From 16/06/2017 to 12/08/2020) M.A., SET. Assistant Professor View
    Dr. A. K. Patil (From 16/06/2015 to 17/06/2019) M.A., Ph.D., NET, SET. Assistant Professor View Name of Person Description Details Report
    1 Dr. (Smt.) V. D. Patil Lokmangal Shikshakratna Award Dr. (Smt.) V. D. Patil has awarded Lokmangal Shikshakrtna award for her contribution of educational sector, Dt. 29/09/2018 View
    2 Mr. S. R. Kundle SET Examination Qualified Mr. Sager Kundle has qualified SET examination in December 2020 View
    3 Dr. A. K. Patil Member of BoS Dr. Anna K. Patil has been coopted as a member on the Board of Studies (BoS) in Business Economics by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Dt. 10/09/2018 View
    4 Mr. S. A. Bhandare Ph.D. registration Mr. S. A. Bhandare has registered for Ph.D. in Economics at Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Dt. 21/09/2018 View
    5 Dr. P.B. Patil Selected as a Principal Former Head of the Department Dr. P.B. Patil has been selected and joined as a Principal at C.S.S. College, Hupari, Kolhapur from August 7, 2017 View Year Title Report
    1 2022-23 Short Term Course "How to Prepare Bibliography for Research" View
    2 2022-23 Value Added Course "E-Banking" View
    3 2021-22 Value Added Course "E-Banking" View
    4 2020-21 Value Added Course "E-Banking" View
    5 2019-20 Value Added Course "E-Banking" View
    6 2018-19 Value Added Course "E-Banking" View Description Year Report
    1 Student Progression 2022-23 View
    2 Placement 2022-23 View
    3 Student Progression 2021-22 View
    4 Placement 2021-22 View
    5 Student Progression 2020-21 View
    6 Placement 2020-21 View
    7 Student Progression 2019-20 View
    8 Placement 2019-20 View
    9 Student Progression 2018-19 View
    10 Placement 2018-19 View Name of Events Date
    1 MID TERM - MARCH 2021 08/03/2021
    3 Unit Test-3 21/01/2021
    4 Unit Test-2 18/12/2020
    5 Unit Test-1 21/10/2020
    6 Study Visit to Punadi Grampanchayat 24/02/2020
    7 Value Added Course (E-Banking) 23/08/2019 to 20/02/2020
    8 National Seminar on "Dynamics of Indian Economy" 24/01/2020
    9 Celebration of Death Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (Sarvavyapi Ambedkar) 15/01/2020
    10 Interdepartmental Activity 06/01/2020
    11 Yuva Urja Malava 30/12/2019
    12 Avishkar Competition 28/09/2019
    13 World Population Day 16/07/2019
    14 Project Work 01/03/2019 to 24/03/2019
    15 Home Assignment 2 27/12/2018
    16 Classroom Seminar 23/10/2018 to 25/10/2018
    17 Home Assignment 1 02/08/2018 Name of Person Title Project/Papers/Books Published
    1 Dr. A. S. Kamble Impact of COVID 19 pandemic on Socio-economic conditions of Scheduled Caste Community in Kolhapur district of Western Maharashtra Major research proposal submitted to the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), September 2021
    2 Dr. (Smt.) V. D. Patil Reginal Imbalance - A conceptual study Research paper published in AJANTA Publication volume IX, isssue IV, October-December 2020, Impact Factor 6.399
    3 Mr. S. R. Kundle Agricultural Thoughts of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research paper published in AJANTA Publication volume IX, isssue II, April-June 2020, Impact Factor 6.399
    4 DR.VAISHALI D.PATIL "MaharashtratilMahila Shetmajuranchya Arthik V Samajik Paristhitiche Tikatmak vishleshion :JalgaonJilhaEkVisheshAdheyan(1991-2008)" with Impact Factor -4.2th International Level Refreed Reg. Journal Vol.I,Issue12 ISSN 0975-3486 with Impact Factor -4.2 th August-2010
    5 DR.VAISHALI D.PATIL "Maharashtratil Mahila Shetmajuranchya Arthik V Samajik Paristhitiche Tikatmak vishleshion :JalgaonJilhaEkVisheshAdheyan(1991-2008)" Ph.d Thesis -04/03/2013
    6 Mr. S. A. Bhandare Role and Impact of modern technology in sustainable agriculture Research Paper published in Special issue of Vidyawarta Peer reviewed international refereed Research Journal. ISSN 2319 9318 with 7.041 impact factor. 24/01/2020
    7 Dr. A. S. Kamble Mobile Banking: A Change in Banking Sector Research Paper published in Special issue of Vidyawarta Peer reviewed international refereed Research Journal. ISSN 2319 9318 with 7.041 impact factor. 24/01/2020
    8 Mr. S. R. Kundale challenges before on rural cooperative banks Research Paper published in Special issue of Vidyawarta Peer reviewed international refereed Research Journal. ISSN 2319 9318 with 7.041 impact factor. 24/01/2020
    9 Dr. A. S. Kamble "Impact of Government Schemes on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Scheduled Caste Communities in Kolhapur District" Ph. D. Thesis 17/07/2017
    10 Dr. A. K. Patil ‘An Economic Assessment of Kisan Credit Card Scheme in Western Maharashtra’ UGC Major Research Project 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2015
    11 Dr. A. K. Patil “A Study of Agricultural Diversification in the Krishna River Basin with Special Reference to Karad Taluka” UGC Minor Research Project 19/10/2011
    12 Dr. A. S. Kamble "Rural Environment: A Study of Hatkanangale Taluka" M. Phil. Dissertation 15/03/2010
    13 Mr. S. A. Bhandare "Finance of Hupari Village Panchayat" M. Phil. Dissertation 08/02/2008
    14 Dr. A. K. Patil "A Study of Agricultural Diversification in Kasari Irrigation Command" Ph. D. Thesis 09/10/2006
    Report of Study Visit to Punadi Grampanchayat
    Study Visit to Punadi Grampanchayat for getting knowledge of Grampanchayat Budget
    Classroom seminar activity organized by the department
    National Seminar on Dynamics of Indian Economy organized on 24/01/2020
    Prof. P. S. Kamble delivered key note address on the occasion of National Seminar on Dynamics of Indian Economy on 24/01/2020
    Publication Ceremony of Proceeding of Research Parers which is received on the occasion of National Seminar
    Proceeding of National Seminar "Dynamics of Indian Economy" which is organized on 24 /01 /2020
    Report of "Sarvavyapi Ambedkar" organized by the department
    Inauguration of "Arthdarpan" from Mr. G. S. Bansode, SGM College Karad
    Report of Interdepartmental Cooperation Activity
    Dr. A. S. Khade delivered lecture under interdepartmental cooperation activity
    Student Participation in Yuva Urja Melava organized by the Institution
    Report of Avishkar Competition
    Poster Presentation in Avishkar Competition by the department students
    Report of World Population Day
    Dr. U. M. Malkar delivered lecture on the occasion of World Population Day

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    Sr.No Date Department Activity Name Report
    1 16/05/2023 Economics Debet Compitition View Report
    2 08/05/2023 Economics Study Visit to Shivaji Uiversity Economics Department View Report
    3 06/05/2023 Economics Chartrapati Shahu Maharaj yache Jivan Charitra aani kary View Report
    4 10/04/2023 Economics State level workshop on "Research Methodology in Economics" View Report
    5 05/04/2023 Economics Yuva Urja Melava -2023 View Report
    6 15/03/2023 Economics Postar Presentation View Report
    7 06/02/2023 Economics Visit to Pundi Gram Panchayat View Report
    8 21/01/2023 Economics Visit to Gokul Dudh Sangh Kolhapur View Report
    9 10/01/2023 Economics Study Visit DCC Bank kirloskarwadi View Report
    10 07/06/2022 Economics Remedial Coaching 2021-22 View Report
    11 19/05/2022 Economics Extension Activity "Mahavidyalaya Aapalya Dari" View Report
    12 19/05/2022 Economics Visit to Grampanchayat Punadi for getting knowledge of Grampanchayat Budget View Report
    13 13/05/2022 Economics Study visit to Mansing Co-operative Bank Dudhondi View Report
    14 13/05/2022 Economics Best Practice 2021-22 entitled "Boosting relationship between banks and rural customers" View Report
    15 27/04/2022 Economics Participation in "Yuva Urja Melava" View Report
    16 08/04/2022 Economics National workshop on "Recent Trends in Agro-Marketing in India" View Report
    17 17/03/2022 Economics Guest lecture organized on the occasion of "World Consumer Rights Day" View Report
    18 26/08/2021 Economics Best Practices entitled "Boosting Relationship between Banks and Rural Customers" View Report
    19 24/02/2020 Economics Study visit at Grampanchayat Punadi View Report
    20 24/01/2020 Economics National Conference of Economics and Commerce Departments View Report
    21 15/01/2020 Economics Sarwavyapi Ambedakar View Report
    22 06/01/2020 Economics Inter Departmental Activity View Report
    23 28/09/2019 Economics Avishkar Reasearch Activity View Report
    24 17/07/2019 Economics World Population Day View Report