Department of geography

Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr.Khade Ashok Shirang M.A, Ph.D Head & Associate Professor View
Prof. Waghmare R.V M.A. Assistant Professor View
Maske S.A M.A, NET, SET Assistant Professor View Name of Person Description Details Link Name of Events Date
1 Celebration of World Wetland Day 11/02/2020
2 Village Survey / field Visit of B.A III student 05/02/2020
3 Dept. of Geogrophy student contribution Sakharshala, Kundal 03/02/2020
4 Celebration of Geogrophy Day 23/01/2020
5 Study Tour of B.A III Students 07/01/2020 to 08/01/2020
6 Yuva Urja Melawa 30/12/2019
7 Interdepartmental Activity 23/12/2019
8 Avishkar Compitation 28/09/2019
9 Ozone Day 25/09/2019
10 Study Tour 22/02/2019 to 23/02/2019
11 Village Survey / Field Visit B.A III 12/02/2019
12 Geography Day 18/01/2019
13 Ozone Day 21/09/2018 Name of Person Title Project/Papers/Books Published
1 Dr. Khade Ashok Shirang A Religious place chafal its problem and prospects : A Geographical Review Research Paper (ISSN 2319 9318) 24/01/20
2 Prof. Waghmare R V Socio-Economic Development of scheduled caste in Satara District Ph. D Working Shivaji University, Kolhapur
3 Prof. Maske Satish Ashok Levels of Agricultural Development of Sangli District Ph. D Working Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Year 2019-20
Celebration of Geography Day World Wetland Day 11/02/2020
Village Survey, Nagarale 05/05/2020
Dept. of Geography Student Contribution Sakharshala, Kundal
Celebration of Geography Day 23/01/2020
Study Tour For Kokan Darshan 7/8 Feb 2020
Yuva Urja Melawa 30/12/2019
Interdepartmental Activity 23/12/2019
Avishkar Compitation 28/09/2019
Celebration of Ozone Day 25/09/2019
Year 2018/2019
Study Tour Report
Study Tour For Kokan Darshan 22/23 Feb 2019
Village Survey 12/02/2019
Poster Presentation 18/01/2019
Celebration of Geography Day 18/01/2019
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