Department of english

Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr. M. B. Aher M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Head, Department of English View
Dr. U. V. Patil M.A., SET, Ph.D. Assistant Professor View
Mr. Dighe Mahesh Kondaji M.A., B.Ed., NET Assistant Professor View
Miss. Sumaiyya Samsher Nadaf M.A., B.Ed., SET Assistant Professor View
Mr. Bharat Shamrao Sakate M.A., B.Ed., NET (Relieve till 17/02/2020) Assistant Professor View
Mr. Sandeep Pandurang Sutar M.A., SET, NET (Relieve till 17/02/2020) Assistant Professor View
Dr. N. J. Dahale M.A., Ph.D. Transfer till 17/06/2019 Head, Department of English View Name of Person Description Details Link
1 Dr. Mrunalini Aher Ph.D. awarded in January 11, 2020 by Shivaji University Kolhapur struggle, Rebellion and Confession in the select Indian Women Autobiographies in English View
2 Mr. Sandeep Najare Pixel Crown Award photography organized by Tamil Nadu Pixel group in the year 2019-20 View
3 Miss. Pooja Pralhad Patil Consolation Prize State Level Cartoon and Satirical poems competition organized by S.G.M. College Karad in the year 2019-20 View
4 Miss. Pooja Pralhad Patil Winner of Avishkar Compitition District Level Avishkar Research Competition Under the Category of Humanities at UG Level by Shivaji University Kolhapur in the Year 2018-19 View
5 Prof. B.S.Sakte Honarary award - View Name of Events Date
1 Certificate Course in Spoken English 15/02/2020
2 One Workshop on Pre-marriage Counselling 8/02/2020
3 Interview Technique for Students of B.A. III & B.Sc. III 4/02/2020 -7/02/2020
4 How to Participate in Group Discussion for B.Sc.III & B.A.III Students 9/01/2020 to 11/01/ 2020
5 Yuva Urja Melava 31/12/2019
6 Joyful English: Academic Extension Activity 2/12/2019-29/02/2020
7 Seminar Activity 14/10/2019-30/10/2019
8 Avishkar Research Competition 22/09/2019
9 Guest Lecture on Journey Towards Self-Esteem 21/9/2019
10 Wallpaper Flood 12/09/2019
11 Inauguration of Wallpaper: Special Issue on Independence Day 15/08/2019
12 Value Added Course 1/08/2019-1-1/09/2019
13 Function of Certificate Distribution of Spoken English & Personality Development 12/03/2019
14 Filmotsav 5/02/2019-7/02/2019
15 One Step Change to Nation" Kids Activity 9/10/2018-15/12/2018
16 Seminar PPT Presentation of B.A. III & B.Sc. III Students 25/09/2018-8/10/2018
17 Certificate Course in Personality Development 1/08/2018/1/11/2018
18 Certificate Course in Spoken English 30/08/2018-30/11/2018
19 Inauguration of Certificate Course in Spoken English 2/08/2018 Name of Person Title Project/Papers/Books Published
1 Dr. M. B. Aher Struggle, Rebellion and Confession in the Select Indian Women Autobiographies in English. Ph. D. Awarded 11/01/2020
2 Dr. N. J. Dahale Theme of Social Consciousness and Protest in the Select Novels of Richard Right and Baburao Bagul: A Comparative Study Ph.D. Awarded 9/05/2018
3 Miss. S. S. Nadaf The Select Novels of Nawal El Saadawi: A Study in Arabic Feminism Ph.D. Registered June 2013-14
4 Mr. S. P. Sutar The Treatment of Greek and Roman Mythology in the Select Novels of Rick Rioden Ph.D. Registered June 2013-14
5 Mr. B. S. Sakate The Historical Novels of Amitav Ghosh : A Generic Study Ph.D. Submitted 31/12/2019
One Page Report of Spoken English 2019-20
Various Activities Run Under Spoken English Course
Activity How to Face an Interview under Spoken English Course
Activity of English for General Purpose in Spoken English Course
One Page Report of Pre-Marriage Counselling (4th Feb.2020)
Programme of One Day Workshop Inaugurated by the Auspicious Guests Mrs. Swati Krushnat & Mr. Harshal, Jointly Organized by Dept. of English and Women Empowerment Committee
Mr. Harshal delivered thoughts on diffrence between love and attraction at One Day Workshop on Pre-Marriage Counselling
One Page Report of Interview Technique Activity 4/02/2020 -7/02/2020
One Page Report of Group Discussion Activity 2019-20
One Page Report of Yuva Urja Melava held at 31st Dec.2019
Fortune Teller Game at Yuva Urja Melava
Stall of Vocabulary at Yuva Urja Melava held at 31st Dec. 2019
One Page Report of Extension Activity : Joyful English
Teachers & Students Involvement in the Activity of Joyful English
Students Response in Extension Activity Joyful English
One Page Report of Seminar Activity held on 25/09/2018-8/10/2018
One Page Report of Avishkar Research Competition 2019-20
Poster Prepared by B.A.II Students Suchita and Bhagyashree in Avishkar Research Competition
Glimpse of Avishkar Research Compitition
Students Participation in Avishkar Compitition Organized by A S C College Ramanandnagar Burli
One Page Report on Journey Towards Self-Esteem Jointly Organized by Women Empowerment Committee and Department of English
Dr.Sarode Shared her Thoughts on Journey Towards Self-Esteem at 21st Sept.2019
One Page Report of Wallpaper: Special Issue on Independence Day
One Page Report of Value Added Course dated 1-08-2019-1-1-09-2019
Lecture of Value Added Course Delivered by Prof. B. S. Sakate
Activities Run in the Academic Year 2018-19
Certificate of Spoken English Course Distributed by the Hands of Dr. N. J. Dahale, Head Department of English
Certificate Distribution of Personality Development by the Hands of Vice Principal Mr. M. B. Chavan
One Page Report of Filmotsav 2018-19
Student Miss. Pratiksha Hippargi express her opinion on the Activity Filmotsav-7th Feb.2019
Students Participation in Filmotsav activity run by Department of English on 5th Feb 2019
one Page Report of KIDS 9/10/2018-15/12/2018
B.Com.II Student Ms.Akshta Patil Teaches to Sugarcane Cutter Children
Students Participation in the KIDS activity run by Dept. of English at Kranti Sugarcane Factory Kundal
Report of Seminar Activity 2018-19
Seminar Presented by puja patil
Seminar Presented by Arti Jadhav studied in B.A.III
Report of Certificate Course in Personality Development 1/08/2018-1/11/2018
Activities Run Under Personality Development: Interview Technique
Activities Run Under Personality Development: Debating
Activities Run Under Personality Development: Group Discussion
Report of Spoken English Course 30/08/2018-30/11/2018
Activities Run Under Spoken English: Telephonic Communication
Activities Run Under Spoken English: Describing Person
Report Inauguration of Spoken English-4/08/ 2018
Photo Gallery in Inauguration of Spoken English 2018-19
Sr.No Date Department Activity Name Link
1 25/02/2021 English Poetry Recitation Competition View Report
2 25/02/2021 English Wallpaper Inauguration View Report
3 05/02/2021 English Workshop on Mapping Attainment of POs COs and PSOs View Report
4 15/02/2020 English Joyful English View Report
5 08/02/2020 English Jodidarachi viveki Nivad View Report
6 11/01/2020 English How to Participate in Group Discussion View Report
7 31/12/2019 English Students Participation in ‘Yuva Urja Melava’ View Report
8 11/11/2019 English Internal Evalution Seminar Activity View Report
9 28/09/2019 English The Wall Paper of Flood - News View Report
10 22/09/2019 English Avishkar Research Activity View Report
11 21/09/2019 English A Journey Towards Self-esteem by Prof. Dr. Swati Sarode from Venutai Chavan College, Karad. View Report
12 12/09/2019 English Publication of Wall Paper Flood View Report
13 28/08/2019 English Value Added Course " Understanding Fast English" View Report
14 03/08/2019 English One Day Workshop on Personality Development View Report
15 07/02/2019 English Interview Technique for Students View Report
16 07/02/2019 English Filmostav 2018-19 View Report
17 08/10/2018 English Seminar Presentation Activity View Report
18 02/08/2018 English Inagural Programme Certificate Course in Spoken English View Report
19 13/3/2018 English KIDS (i. e. Karmaveer Impetus Development Scheme) View Report