Department of botany

    Photo Faculty Name Qualification Designation Profile
    Ms.A.B.Mamlayya M.Sc. ,SET Head & Assistant Professor View
    Miss. sneha w. wagh M.Sc. , NET, SET Assistant Professor View
    Dr. V. S. Shinde From- 17/12/2021 till present. M.Sc.(BOTANY), M.Phil.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor View
    Dr. B. A. Sonar From-22/06/2013 to 19/02/2020. M.Sc.(BOTANY), Ph.D. Assistant Professor View
    Miss. S. J. Suvase From-18/07/2019 to 31/03/2020 M.Sc.(BOTANY). Assistant Professor View
    Dr. K. M. Bhise From-16/06/2017 to 31/05/2019. M.Sc.(BOTANY), Ph.D. Associate Professor View Name of Person Description Details Report
    1 Ms. Sneha W. Wagh Secured 1st rank and got University Gold Medal in M.Sc. (Botany). Shri. Tryambak Ganpatrao Kawalkar Gold Medal View Year Title Report
    1 2021-2022 VAC-Horticulture Technology View
    2 2021-2022 VAC-Mushroom Cultivation View
    3 2022-23 STC : Flower Arrangement & Ikebana View
    4 2022-23 COC : Food Processing View
    5 2020-2021 VAC in Horticulture Technology View
    6 2020-2021 VAC in Mushroom Cultivation Technology View
    7 2020-2021 COC in Food Processing and Preservation View
    8 2019-2020 VAC in Horticulture Technology View
    9 2019-2020 VAC in Mushroom Cultivation Technology View
    10 2019-2020 COC in Food Processing and Preservation View
    11 2018-2019 VAC in Horticulture Technology View
    12 2018-2019 VAC in Mushroom Cultivation Technology View Description Year Report Name of Events Date
    1 Tree Plantation Drive and Plant Saplings Distribution 15/08/2021
    2 Tree Plantation Program 05/06/2021
    3 Online State Level Workshop on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development 27/05/2021
    4 Kanunje Nursery Visit 18/03/2021
    5 National Conference on Scope of Life Sciences in Disease Management 11/07/2020
    6 Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. I Students(Kunkeshwar & Pawas). 17,18/02/2020
    7 Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. II Students(Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg). 23,24/01/2020
    8 National Conference on Conservation & Biodiversity Banking(NCCBB). 17/01/2020
    9 Avishkar Competition. 28/09/2019
    10 Pak-Kala Competition. 18/09/2019
    11 Flower Arrangement Competition. 16/09/2019
    12 Horticultural Training. 23/03/2019
    13 Mushroom Cultivation and Nursery Development. 16/03/2019
    14 Nursery Techniques Lecture. 09/03/2019
    15 Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. I Students(Sindhudurg & Kunkeshwar). 03/03/2019
    16 Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. II Students(Malwan & Sindhudurg). 14/02/2019
    17 "PRAYAS" Workshop on Water Management. 17/11/2018
    18 Agriculture Exhibition. 29/10/2018
    19 Tagetus Plantation. 08/08/2018
    20 Moringa Plantation. 25/07/2018
    21 Tree Plantation on 'World Environment Day'. 03/07/2018 Name of Person Title Project/Papers/Books Published
    1 Anita B. Mamlayya The Indian Biochemist : Har Gobind Khorana ISBN no - 978-93-91033-392 Snehvardhan Prakashan
    2 Anita B. Mamlayya Father of the Green Revolution: M. S. Swaminathan ISBN : 978-93-83587-53-7
    3 Anita B. Mamlayya 1 The Seed Mother of Maharashtra: Rahibai Popere ISBN : 978-93-83587-53-7
    4 Anita B. Mamlayya Blend: A Tapestry of Multi-Disciplinary Narratives ASSOCIATE EDITOR
    5 Anita B. Mamlayya Isolation and Identification of Fusarium SPS.Causing Fusarium Root Rot of Soybeans Shodh disha 16  61/7 ISSN 0975-735X
    6 Sneha W.Wagh Ethnobotanical Study of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used By Tribes of Gondia District, Maharashtra, India/ Shodh disha 16  61/7 ISSN 0975-735X
    7 Anita B. Mamlayya ISOLATION AND IDENTIFICATION OF FUSARIUM SPS. CAUSING FUSARIUM STEM CUTTING ROT OF GERANIUM Madhya Pradesh Journal of Social Sciences A biannually Journal of M. P. Institute of Social Science Research, Ujjain ISSN: 0973-855X (Vol 27 No 9, September 2022)
    8 Anita B. Mamlayya SURVEY OF WILT DISEASE OF SOYBEAN IN SATARA DISTRICT Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN: 0974-0066 Vol 82 No 2, July - December 2022 6 (UGC-CARE List Group I)
    11 Anita B. Mamlayya Biology of Metanastria hyrtaca cramer (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) on Syzygium cumini International Journal of Entomology Research ISSN: 2455-4758 Received: 21-12-2021, Accepted: 06-01-2022, Published: 22-01-2022 Volume 7, Issue 1, 2022, Page No. 93-96
    12 Anita B. Mamlayya Electrochemically Synthesized Pani/Glucose Oxidase Thin Films for Electrochemical Glucose Detection Application International Educational Scientific Research Journal E-ISSN- 2455-295X Vol. 10. Issue no- 5 May 2024
    13 Anita B. Mamlayya Aquatic Insect Larvae Detecting & Water Testing Smart Device Indian Patent
    14 Anita B. Mamlayya Silkworm Rearing Chember Indian Patent
    15 Anita B. Mamlayya An Agricultural Farm Managment System using Robotic Assembly & Nanosensors for Snail & Weed Control Indian Patent
    16 Anita B. Mamlayya Solar Poowered Hand Lense & Torch Indian Patent
    17 Anita B. Mamlayya Plant Science International E- Book
    18 Anita B. Mamlayya Plant Physiology International E- Book
    19 Miss. Sneha W. Wagh Investigation on pollen biology of Adhatoda vasica Nees Current Updates in Life Sciences.ISBN - 9788192362182
    20 Dr. B. A. Sonar Enzymatic Studies in Pimento dioica (Linn.) Merril. International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research. 3(4):1-6. ISSN-0976-3651
    21 Dr. B. A. Sonar Mineral Nutritional studies in Allspice. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Development 4 (6): 244-251. ISSN -0974-9446
    22 Dr. B. A. Sonar Screening of some coastal plant resources for their antioxidant potential, total polyphenol and Flavonoid content. Phcog. J. 2(7): 151-156
    Plantation drive on Independence Day
    Plantation drive on World Environment Day
    Academic Year 2019-2020.
    Botanical Excursion Report 2019-2020.
    Botanical Excursion (Malvan, Sindhudurg,Kunkeshwar & Pawas) 2019-2020.
    Botanical Excursion 2019-2020
    Nursery Visit.
    Visit to Nursery.
    A Report of National Conference on Conservation & Biodiversity Banking(NCCBB).
    National conference on Conservation and Biodiversity Banking was jointly organized by the Department of Zoology & Botany.
    Presedential Speech by Hon. Principal Dr. L. D. Kadam (NCCBB).
    Keynote adress by Hon. Dr. S.R. Yadav(NCCBB).
    During the lecture(NCCBB).
    Winning Prize of Namrata Chougule in Avishkar.
    A Report on Avishkar Competition.
    Avishkar Competition.
    Students presenting their poster in Avishkar Competition.
    Report on Pak-Kala Competition.
    Some moments from PAk-Kala Competition.
    Pak-Kala Competition.
    Pak-Kala Competition.
    Pak-Kala Competition.
    Report on Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Some Students participating in Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Flower Arrangement Competition.
    Academic Year 2018-2019.
    Annual Report on Value Added Course 2018-2019.
    Horticultural Training to the Students.
    Horticultural Training.
    Nursery Techniques Lecture.
    Botanical Excursion.
    Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. I students(Sindhudurg & Kunkeshwar).
    Botanical Excursion for B.Sc. II students(Malvan & Sindhudurg).
    "PRAYAS" A Workshop on Water Management.
    On-site Workshop on Water Management"PRAYAS".
    On-site Workshop on Water Management"PRAYAS".
    Agricultural Exhibition.
    Agricultural Exhibition.
    A Visit to Kanunje Ropvatika.
    Nursery Visit.
    Nursery Visit.
    Nursery Visit.
    Tagetus Plantation.
    Tagetus Plantation.
    Tagetus Plantation.
    Moringa Plantation.
    Tree Plantation on the occasion of "World Environment Day".

    Departmental Photos

    Department of Botany

    Department Staff
    Sr.No Date Department Activity Name Report
    1 15/03/2024 Botany Seminar Activity Report 23.24 View Report
    2 12/03/2024 Botany best practices report 23.24 View Report
    3 02/03/24 Botany Herbarium Exhibition report 2023-24 View Report
    4 11/02/2024 Botany Dept Study tour 23-24 report View Report
    5 07/02/24 Botany Group discussion Report 23-24 View Report
    6 16/09/2023 Botany Nature photography compitetition report 23-24 View Report
    7 14/09/2023 Botany Flower arrangment report 2023-24 View Report
    8 08/09/2023 Botany Guest Lecture 2023-24 View Report
    9 02/08/2023 Botany poster model report 23-24 View Report
    10 11/05/2023 Botany best practices report 22.23 View Report
    11 28/04/2023 Botany Nursery visit report Kanunje 22-23 View Report
    12 28/04/2023 Botany Plantation & Vansundhara din report 22-23 View Report
    13 21/04/2023 Botany Group discussion Report 22-23 View Report
    14 03/04/2023 Botany Sramdan Activity 22.23 View Report
    15 31/03/2023 Botany Seminar Activity Report 22-23 View Report
    16 23/3/2023 Botany Extention activity 22.23 View Report
    17 18/03/2023 Botany Study tour 22.23 report View Report
    18 15/03/2023 Botany poster model report 22.23 View Report
    19 20/10/22 Botany Workshop report 22-23 View Report
    20 15/10/22 Botany Guest lecture report 22-23 View Report
    21 19/9/2022 Botany Flower arrangment and flower rangoli activity View Report
    22 25/06/2022 Botany ICT Based Activities View Report
    23 30/05/2022 Botany Seminar Activity View Report
    24 12/05/2022 Botany Mushroom Farming Training View Report
    25 12/05/2022 Botany Best Practices View Report
    26 09/05/2022 Botany Group Discussion Activity View Report
    27 04/05/2022 Botany Extension Activity View Report
    28 23/04/2022 Botany Industrial Visit View Report
    29 23/04/2022 Botany Nursery Visit View Report
    30 15/08/2021 Botany Tree Plantation on Independence Day View Report
    31 05/06/2021 Botany Tree Plantation on World Environment Day View Report
    32 27/05/2021 Botany Online State Level Workshop on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development View Report
    33 18/03/2021 Botany Kanunje Nursery Visit View Report
    34 11/07/2020 Botany E-Conference on Scope of Life Science in Disease Management View Report
    35 18/02/2020 Botany Botanical Excursion to Malvan View Report
    36 17/01/2020 Botany National Conference on Conservation and Biodiversity Banking (NCCBB) View Report
    37 28/09/2019 Botany Avishkar Competition View Report
    38 16/09/2019 Botany Flower Arrangement Competition View Report
    39 09/03/2019 Botany A Visit to Kanunje Nursery View Report
    40 03/03/2019 Botany Botanical Excursion View Report
    41 29/10/2018 Botany Visit to Agricultural Exhibition View Report
    42 08/08/2018 Botany Tagetus & Moringa Plantation View Report
    43 03/07/2018 Botany Tree Plantation on World Environment Day View Report